2014 National Reso-Phonic Style 0 *SOLD*


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National Reso-Phonic Style 0, based upon National’s flagship model single-cone resonator that was introduced in 1930.

Instantly recognizable, it features a brass body polished to a mirror-like shine, plated in nickel, and finally etched with that famous scene depicting the allure of the Aloha Isles. The maple neck is finished in a traditional sunburst and capped by an ivoroid-bound ebony fretboard topped by vintage-style tuners.

Not as well suited to Hawaiian music as their Tricone counterparts, the Style 0 resonators found favour with standard-style guitarists and were adopted particularly by bluesmen (Bukka White and Son House being notable examples). They have a more focused tone than the diffused sound of the tricones, still retaining a sweetness that Nationals are known for.

Adding to the already iconic status, the 14-fret Style 0 was of course featured on the cover of Dire Straits “Brother In Arms” album, raising it’s profile even further.

In both look and sound, the Style 0 is a timeless classic, our 14-fret example is in perfect condition with the original hardshell case. *SOLD*