1964 Selmer Little Giant


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The Little Giant might well be the smallest amp Selmer offered in its amplifier range but what an appropriate name it is, this Selmer Little Giant is a monster! Underneath the classic mock Croc skin covering that was also used on the cases Selmer supplied with their imported Fender guitars is a simple circuit comprising 1 x ECC83; 1 x EL84; and a EZ80 rectifier, together with the small circular speaker that breaks up oh so easily.

It’s a perfect practice and recording amp, think Vox AC2 and AC4, or some or the small American amps like the Fender Champ or offerings from Valco and Supro. With a single coil guitar the amp really comes to life before it hits halfway on the volume control with a nice edge of breakup tone and a nice amount of compression, plug in a good humbucker guitar and you get the same but earlier. From halfway up to flat out you get more compression, grit and sustain. The amp really sings!