2004 Fender Kurt Cobain Jagstang


The Jag-Stang was designed by Kurt Cobain as a hybrid of his two favourite Fender electrics; the Mustang and the Jaguar. After two prototypes were built for Kurt it was first released in 1995 and discontinued in 2001 with our example being from the second production run of 2003-2005. The Jag-Stang is fitted with a ‘vintage style’ single coil neck pickup and a ‘special design’ humbucker in the bridge position, each with its own toggle switch which a player can use to switch on or off, or into out-of-phase settings. The model utilizes the Mustang’s ‘Dynamic Vibrato’ bridge and like both of its predecessors, has a 24″ short scale neck (an exact replica of Cobain’s favorite neck, from a Fender Mustang). This guitar has had localized finish work done by 42nd Street Guitars but is in otherwise great overall condition and comes with a Fender hard case.

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