1978 Travis Bean TB-1000S

The Standard Guitar (TB1000S) was the more popular of the Travis Bean models and was in production from 1974 until 1979. Only 1422 TB1000 Standards were produced between ’74 and ’79 and Travis Bean himself once said that due to high production costs he lost money on each guitar.

The guitars were built around a patented one piece neck. Reynolds 6061-T6-aluminum stock was used to produce a one piece neck that ran from the tuning machines all the way down to the bridge. The bridge mounts directly to the neck, and the strings run through the body. The pickups are high output with Alnico 5 magnets and are capped with etched stainless steel covers. Like the bridge, the pickups mount directly to the neck assembly, with adjustment and mounting “bolts” accessible from the back of the guitar.

These amazing guitars went through a few refinement changes over the limited time they were made but the aluminium neck and the awesome proprietary neck mounted pickups were a constant.

Our guitar was made after the temporary break in production in 1977 and has a few of the desirable refinements to the original Travis Bean design. Being from ‘78 our example has a thinner Koa body with the wider and longer horns. It also has the rare Imron painted neck but still has all the important details of the original design. Prior to the 1977 temporary shutdown, nearly all Standards were Koa. After the re-organization, magnolia was advertised as standard, and Koa was available at an additional cost. The guitars proved popular with a wide group of players from Joe Perry and Slash through to Jerry Garcia and Stanley Jordan and more recently with Foals singer and guitarist Yannis Philippakis.

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