A superb player grade, slab board Strat lovingly restored by friend of the shop and expert guitar tech Huw Price. The guitar arrived to us as a refinished body, slab board undated ('59) neck, some hardware that required some TLC, and a whole host of period correct parts... the perfect project guitar!

The body was stripped where it became evident there were no extra routes and all spec was correct. It was then stained aniline yellow and sealed before applying a Desert Sand base coat, followed by the Fiesta Red and clear top coats. A tinted clear coat was used and some authentic looking "tan lines" created by shielding the pickguard, jack plate and bridge areas. Some freeze and thaw cycles were undertaken to create some light lacquer checking which although subtle at present should open up perfectly over time. The neck had had a more recent clear coat which was lightly cut back, and the headstock face was resprayed and a repro decal added.

The original single-line Kluson tuners were brought back to life and now work perfectly. The period 'green' guard had its holes filled and was sanded, cut and polished. Two of the pickups were rewound, the wiring tidied up and the pots flushed, cleaned out and brought back to life. The guitar was then given a fresh setup ready for sale!

The time and effort spent on this guitar is evident when you have it in your hands. This thing sings!! We can safely say it has turned out amazingly well. It is beautifully resonant, lively, plays like a dream and sounds superb too. The slim-to-medium C profile neck feels great, and having been refretted the guitar plays effortlessly. The tone is rich and woody, and there is fantastic sustain and resonance.

All in all, this is an excellent vintage Strat, and a really good opportunity to acquire a pre-CBS, slab board model at an excellent price!!

Further spec as follows:

  • Original single line Kluson tuners
  • Headstock overspray with repro decal
  • Refretted
  • Original pickups (2 rewound)
  • Period correct pickguard (holes filled)
  • Pot dates 34th week of '61
  • Changed wiring
  • Refretted
  • Serial No. 55197 - 1960
  • Neck: Slab board, no pencil date ('59.)
  • Body aged refinish
  • Weight: 7.4lbs