1961 D’Angelico Excel

So to celebrate our 200th Instagram post we thought we should pull out something a bit special. 1961 D’Angelico Excel cutaway in glorious honey blonde.
Original New York John D’Angelico guitars are incredibly rare and are considered to be amongst the finest independently built guitars of the 20th century. Prized by players and collectors alike. The Art Deco styling, pure clarity in tone and level of craftsmanship really set these guitars apart from other manufacturers guitars from this era.
Famous D’Angelico players include jazz guitarists George Benson, Johnny Smith, Barney Kessel and Kenny Burrell.
It’s a true privilege just to play this thing. Without doubt one of the coolest, most amazing guitars we’ve had. Next level. Come check it out in the shop and thanks to everyone who follows our page. There’s more to come!!!

Thanks, Tucker