1958 Gibson ES-225TD

1958 Gibson ES-225TD, just in and sounding fine!

Introduced by Gibson in 1955, featuring a thinline, hollow body with Florentine cutaway, combined bridge and tailpiece (also used on the Les Paul from 1952-1953 and on the ES-295) and one or two P-90 pickups. The model was discontinued in 1959 with the introduction of the ES-330 but a similar guitar continued in to the sixties in the ES-125TDC. The ES-125TDC was a much simpler guitar with more economical appointments. Gone was the elegant combination tailpiece, pearl logo, independent tuners and neck binding. Records show just over 2000 ES-225TD’s shipped between 1956 and 1959 with 697 in 1958.

This model is often overlooked as a great, viable alternative to an ES-330, a secret weapon of a guitar with the all hollow body, P-90 goodness of the ES-330 with the bonus of a single cut design and the elegant bridge tailpiece. Unlike on early Les Pauls the strings are top wrapped, providing good sustain and playability, it looks great and the whole thing works rather well!

The guitar has all original electronics, with the 2 Centralab pots dating to the 8th week of 1958. The only modification is the tuners, with the guitar sporting a set of old Grovers.