1952 & 1954 Gibson Les Pauls

2 early 50s Goldtops just in store, we’ve got a 1952 and 1954. For me these early Les Pauls are the bee’s knees. All the vibe and tone of later examples without the eye watering price tags.

The 52 spent most of its life in Chicago until a few years ago; just imagine the player’s hands it could have gone through. It’s had the Joe Glazer mod to the tailpiece so it plays like a dream; the original is still with the guitar in the original brown case.

The 54 started life as an all gold Les Paul but like a lot of the all gold guitars has had the back and sides stripped and refined, other than that it’s a nice straight guitar with no issues at all.

Both are good weight and sound incredible through any amp you plug into, cleaned up they sound woody, crisp and chimey all the way through to full on sensory overload with the controls maxed!

Which would you choose?