1949 Gibson Southern Jumbo

One of the finest sounding 16” flat top acoustics we’ve had in the shop.

Initially released in 1942 and in production until 1977 (the guitar had changed to a square shoulder Dreadnought by 1963). Earlier 1940’s examples differ slightly in spec to our 1949 guitar with some batches produced with rosewood and even maple back and sides.

By 1949, Post-war and with C.M.I at the helm Gibson had settled on the spec we have here with solid mahogany rims and back, tight grain Sitka spruce top with belly above bridge, ‘modern’ Gibson logo with a bound one piece mahogany neck with celluloid split trapezoid inlays and a 7-ply bound top and 5-ply back binding with black skunk stripe.

By 1954 a natural finish is offered and called the “SJN” (“N” for natural top) and in 1955 one additional fret is added (20 frets total) along with the pickguard shape changing from teardrop to a pointed style and in 1956 the natural finish is now called the “Country and Western”.

The page below is an excerpt from the 1950 Gibson Catalogue with a J-45 model for comparison.


Our Southern Jumbo has less of a J-45 thump with more brilliance in the top end and a deep rounded bass yet unmistakably a Gibson in feel and tone. One of 462 Southern Jumbos produced this year.