Marshall 1959 Randy Rhoads Ex Muddy Manninen (Wishbone Ash) *New Price £1745*


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The Marshall 1959 RR is a 100W Amp inspired by the legendary Randy Rhoads, all valve with 100 Watts of output from 4 EL34 and 3 ECC83s in the pre-amp providing the soaring lead tones and tight, powerful crunch ‘Plexi’ Marshalls from the late sixties are known for.

The Marshall 1959 RR is based on the original late sixties 100w 1959 SLP that Randy Rhoads used throughout the majority of his career, from the white tolex cover to the famous mod made to Channel Two. Unlike a standard Marshall 1959 Super Lead amplifier the Randy Rhoads model contains a modification that increases gain and therefore extra distortion within the circuit.

This modification ‘hot rods’ the amplifier making it easier to push it into the saturation levels necessary for the sound that Randy needed. The change is very simple but effective and involves ‘cascading’ (feeding the output of the first stage into the input of the second stage) the two halves of valve 1. Cascading Valve 1 results in the guitar signal being increased massively at this point of the circuit creating far more gain and distortion. The two channel volumes still remain functional after the modification but adopt different roles for their effect on the tone, allowing control of the extra gain and volume.

Plugging into channel 2 routes the guitar signal through the whole cascade circuit while plugging into channel 1 allows you to bypass the cascade and use the amp in its standard format where ‘Volume 1’ will function as it normally would. Standard Channel 2 format is sacrificed due to the modification.

The amp comes flight cased.

*New Price £1745*