2016 Brian Monty Tele-ssean


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Here we have a custom ordered Monty Guitars Tele-ssean from acclaimed Canadian luthier Brian Monty. Brian is well known for his custom built one off guitars that take their influences from the classic Golden Era American designs as well as his ‘Burst Conversions’. His experience building guitars really shows through with the high level of craftsmanship on this guitar. We’ve given the guitar the moniker Tele-ssean, it’s Telecaster solid body with construction cues from a Gibson Les Paul in Gretsch colours with Gretsch pickups. Set neck, mahogany with a maple cap. The mahogany neck profile is a comfortable full C. A lovely rosewood fingerboard completes the spec. The guitar is finished in nitro, with the top a solid nitro colour akin to a Gretsch Tennessean with the mahogany body and neck finished like that of a Gretsch Roundup. 2 Classic sounding Gretsch Hi-Lo Tron pickups and the same wiring scheme as a Les Paul An ABR-1 and stop tailpiece anchor the strings and some Grovers do the tuning duties.

Comes with OHSC