2006 Rickenbacker 4003


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2006 Rickenbacker 4003

Jetglo Rickenbacker 4003 from 2006; the iconic cresting wave Rickenbacker bass has been about since the late 50’s 4000 model and is one of the most unmistakable designs of modern electric basses.

The 4003 was introduced in the early 80’s as the updated evolution of the 4001 and is still in production today. This 2006 bass has all the classic Rickenbacker bass features, two inputs with mono and stereo ’Rick O Sound’ two pickups with independent volume and tone controls and a push/pull pot to give two distinctly different tonal voicings: Vintage and Modern – with the vintage setting giving a more rounded bassier sound and the modern setting offering a more punchy and a nasal tone.

The bass comes with it’s original Rickenbacker hard case.