2005 Gibson J-150 *Left Handed* *SOLD*


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Since the late 1930’s the 17in Jumbo has always been the King of the Gibson flat top acoustic range and this 2005 J-150 model is no exception, released in 1999 as a slightly pared down version of the SJ-200 or J-200 the first J-150s had maple back and sides but 2005 saw Gibson change the spec slightly by offering some J-150s with rosewood back and sides resembling the 1937 Custom Super Jumbo Gibson made for Singing Cowboy Ray Whitney. Other than that the specs didn’t change, it retains the 25.5in scale length, the Moustache bridge with pearl inlays and floral engraved pickguard and 6 ply top and 4 ply back binding. The rosewood fingerboard is unbound as is the crown inlayed headstock.

Other than a few polishing swirls the guitar is in great condition, the neck is nice and straight and the frets are in great condition. Classic Gibson jumbo sounds are all there, nice and chimey with a bit of added sweetness from the rosewood. The guitar comes with its original Gibson case. *SOLD*