1998 Rickenbacker 360


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1998 Rickenbacker 360

Classic Mapleglo Rickenbacker 360 from 1998, in great condition.

The 360 design evolved from it’s introduction in the late 50’s as the 360 Capri, through the 60’s it gained the ‘R’ tailpiece and by ’64 the new style was introduced with more rounded horns and rounded top edges whilst retaining its bound flat back. From this point it’s been has been updated very subtly to the guitar you can by today.

6 String with bound semi-acoustic Maple body and 24 3/4 scale Maple 24 fret neck, lacquered rosewood fingerboard with triangular pearloid fret markers. 2 ‘high-gain’ Rickenbacker Pickups routed either Mono or Stereo with a volume and tone for each pickup, mix control and a 3-way selector. Great overall condition for a 20 year old guitar, the Mapleglo finish is very clean with the chrome hardware just settling down nicely and starting to lose its factory-fresh shine.

The guitar comes with its original Rickenbacker hardshell case.