1994 Martin Gene Autry D-45

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1994 Martin Gene Autry D-45, number 7 of 66.

A fantastic limited edition guitar built as per the specifications of Gene Autry by Martin as a super high-end replica of the original and first ever D-45 that Martin built in 1933.

Production was limited to a run of only 66 guitars, of which this is number 7.  All the guitars produced in the run feature highly figured and extremely sought-after Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides of the 12-fret body. The beautiful detailing includes Gene Autry’s signature inlaid in abalone down the ebony fingerboard.

As with all limited edition high end guitars built by Martin the level of craftsmanship and quality of tonewood is the best of the best. These are flagship guitars, intended by Martin to be a demonstrative statement of excellence. They would only have been built by the Master Luthiers in the company and are amongst the very best acoustic guitars of their type in the world.

In excellent, barely played condition with the original hardshell case.