1990s Charvel Surfcaster


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1990s Charvel Surfcaster

The Charvel Surfcaster was designed and produced in the early 1990s by the Charvel/Jackson guitar company and over time has come to be regarded as something of a contemporary classic.

Employing many retro styles from leading manufacturers of the fifties and sixties, the Surfcaster is typically known for it’s surf and country twang, aided by it’s pair of low output Chandler lipstick pickups. However over the years this distinctive and super cool electric has found favour with musicians playing in many different genres.

Our example looks fantastic with it’s flamed Cherryburst finish and sharkfin inlays. Playability is great on the slim, fast neck and the well-designed tremolo system is usable and stable.

The guitar comes with a hardshell case.