1970s Foxx Tone Machine


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Super rare 1970s Foxx Tone Machine in Red

Introduced in 1971 the Tone Machine quickly gained a following as an awesome, savage octave fuzz pedal that could make even the thinnest-sounding of single coil guitars sound absolutely massive.

It gained cult status soon after Foxx folded a few years later.

Our example looks great in it’s characteristic fuzzy red faux-velvet exterior – the other striking colour options available were black, blue, yellow, lime green and purple.

Controls are volume, sustain and tone with a switch to take the octave in or out of the circuit.

This fuzz sounds incredible – a full thick tone that is second to none. The octave setting takes things up a notch and really helps solos to cut through – check out some of Eddie Hazel’s incendiary playing in Funkadelic!

We’ve tried reissues which do sound decent but when held up against this original there really is no comparison.

The pedal is in full working condition but not boxed.