1970s Electro Harmonics Big Muff V5


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Electro Harmonics Big Muff V5

Late 70’s example of the classic Big Muff; produced between 1978 and 1980 the V5 was essentially the same design as the V4 Big Muff made popular by Billy Corgan as the sound of the early Smashing Pumpkins records.

The key difference was the power switch was changed to a tone-bypass control. When engaged, the tone control was completely disabled and bypassed, giving the tone a flatter EQ with more mids and more volume.

Sonically the tone of a V5 vs. a V4 big Muff is very similar with the Tone circuit engaged, when bypassed there is a decibel boost and the pedal has a flatter EQ with a more pronounced upper mid.

The pedal is in full working condition and boxed.