1969 Park 75 *SOLD*


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1969 Park 75 1001L

Not to be confused with the mass-produced solid-state practice amps from the last couple of decades these early Park Amplifiers are really just Marshalls in disguise.

Park was born out of necessity by Jim Marshall as a way of getting around the worldwide distribution deal he had with Rose Morris and early Parks amplifiers share more than just a passing resemblance to their more famous siblings. For the first few years they follow Marshalls designs very closely. Meaning these early point-to-point wired Park Amplifiers can often fetch more than their Marshall equivalents. It’s thought that less than 800 of these early Park Amps were produced before the designs were changed to less resemble the Marshall amp line.

One of the main distinguishing cosmetic features of Park Amplifiers is the silver faceplate as opposed to the gold found on Marshalls, internally the main difference is Park Amps would run on KT88 power valves and are a ‘bit hotter’. Our 1969 Ali panel Park 75 is no exception, although as is common it had been converted to run on EL34s. Our Amp tech has put the amp back to the original spec with a brand new set of KT88s, addressed some of the components that had drifted and for safety needed changing and cleaned up the chassis and cabinet. *SOLD*