1965 Fender Jaguar


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Fender Jaguar from the first half of 1965 in outstanding condition.

One of the last with the desirable unbound dot neck.

Neck and body both retain their original finish with no overspray or refinishing, the  3-tone ‘target burst’ sunburst is still nice and vibrant but not as overly severe as some can be.  There is no sinking to the finish and apart from a tiny bit of wear by the belly contour it’s an incredibly clean guitar.

The original dark chestnut tortoiseshell pickguard shows next to no shrinking or curl. Electrics are sound and all original.

The guitars original double line Kluson tuners have been replaced with the later style ‘F’ stamped tuners and the bridge has been swapped for a Mustang one.

Comes with tremolo arm, mute and very good condition original hard case.