1961 Gibson Les Paul/SG Custom #33467


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Gibson SG-shape Les Paul Custom from 1961.

This guitar has had some alterations and minor repairs over the years but importantly has had no damage to the headstock or heel joint, as SG’s are prone to.

The guitar has had a stop tailpiece fitted previously with the post studs still in place giving the option to set the guitar up in that manner again if desired.

The guitar has also been repaired around the input jack (another Achilles heel of SG guitars). The repair has been well executed and nothing has been done to conceal the work.

Importantly the guitar retains its full compliment of 3x PAF pickups and 4x mid 1961 Centralab pots and is electronically sound. A Polaris white finish over a featherweight Honduran mahogany, jet-black ebony fingerboard, double diamond bound headstock completes the classic look.

This guitar benefits from a refret and changed nut and plays fantastically.

These guitars were very expensive on release at $310 with only 513 guitars shipped in 1961.

Comes with the original hardshell case. Additional photography available on request.