1961 Gibson Les Paul/SG Custom #10988


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Gibson SG shape Les Paul Custom from 1961 with all the good stuff; Polaris White finish over a featherweight Honduran mahogany body (with importantly no damage to the headstock or heel joint, as SG’s are prone), jet black ebony fingerboard, double diamond bound headstock, 3x PAF pickups, 4x late 1960 Centralab pots, factory Grover tuners and the much maligned but oh so cool side to side Vibrola.

This particular Les Paul Custom is a very early ’61 model, 5-digit serial number and the earliest style neck joint. Gibson changed the method of attaching the neck in 1961 from this style to the smooth heel mid-’61.

These instruments were very expensive on release at $310 with only 513 guitars shipped in 1961.

The guitar has had no breaks or repairs, and is in very good condition overall. It plays great and sounds incredible at a fraction of the cost of a late 50’s Custom.

Comes with the original hardshell case. Additional photography available on request.