1947 Martin D-18


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The post war years saw a lot of changes in construction to Martins guitar line and the Dreadnought was no exception. Like most manufacturers this was done as a gradual transition meaning pre-war instruments to 1950 guitars share little in terms of spec.

This of course means today you can still get an amazing Golden Era Martin for a much more reasonable price than the pre-war equivalent.

Our 1947 model sits right in the middle of that transition with non-scalloped but radically tapered bracing. By 1950 Martins bracing was straight and the X bracing was in a different position to that of the 1930s Dreadnoughts. Produced in April or May of 1947 our D-18 still has its maple bridge plate notched into the X-bracing.

The sweetly honeyed Sitka spruce top has an assortment of light pick wear and dings but nothing to detract from its overall appearance. There is a small repaired crack between the tortoise celluloid pickguard and the waist. The mahogany neck, back and sides are deep and rich coloured with nice tight straight grain. The neck has been reset (as most Martins of this age need) so the action is nice and playable. There are well repaired cracks to the back and sides but again this isn’t unusual for Martins of this age.

The guitar sounds like an old mahogany Martin Dreadnought should, loud, percussive, with a quick attack and a big robust voice.