1936 Dobro M65 ‘Spanish Dancer’


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1936 Dobro M65 ‘Spanish Dancer’

These mid-1930’s Metal Bodied Dobro Resonators were designed to be the equal of the high end National Resonators in terms of build and quality; there was a range of both Brass and German Silver bodied instruments.

The M65 or ‘Spanish Dancer,’ is a brass-bodied, sandblast-decorated instrument similar to a National Style O but with it’s decoration based on Spanish themes; sombreros and haciendas opposed to the more Hawaiian themes adopted by National. Dobro adopted a different method of constructing the metal bodies of their resonators, unlike National who used solder to attach the top and backs. Dobro used a method of rolling the edges and crimping them together. This resulting lip around the edges gave rise to the name “Violin Edge” or, “Fiddle Edge” as it was known around the factory. This construction method was only used from 1935 to 1940. Classic Dobro Round Window or ‘Port hole’ sound holes, a 14-fret rosewood fingerboard with DOBRO inlayed with Celluloid into the headstock veneer.

Rather unfairly these Metal bodied Dobros have been passed over by resonator players looking more for the typical National Style O sound, due to differences in the cone and spider bridge support. The Dobro tone has less volume but also a much subtler note attack, and played with a slide a more mellow, less upfront side.

The guitar has previously had a pickup fitted resulting in extra holes being drilled into the body, this has no bearing on the guitar’s playability, currently set up with a nice playable action it’s suitable for hybrid slide/picking.

The guitar comes with an old hard case, potentially the original.