Brook Guitars at Vintage n Rare

We are very pleased to welcome Brook guitars to our select number of new brands at Vintage N Rare.

Fresh from the Devon workshop we have our first two offerings and two of Brooks most popular, a  Taw and a Torridge

The Torridge is one of Brooks earliest designs, it’s a fine fingerpicker and in this combination of timber the guitar really shines.

24 3/4 scale length, 14 fret with a 3 piece walnut and cherry back, Walnut sides and lovely Sitka top.

The Taw is slightly larger than the Torridge with a slightly rounder bass response.

14 fret with a 24 3/4 scale with walnut back and sides and a beautiful Sitka spruce top.

Both guitars come priced with Hiscox Cases


Call 01225 463777 for all Enquiries of emails to enquiries@vintageandrareguitars

1963 Fender Stratocaster

1963 Fender Stratocaster. This ones a true players Strat. Jet black refin with matching headstock to match the jet black rosewood fingerboard. On early 60s Pre-CBS  guitars, examples can almost look like ebony. Original ‘green’ cellulose guard with some changed parts. This thing is mean!

An affordable way into the world of pre-CBS strats. Details on request at

1968 Gibson Hummingbird

1968 Gibson Hummingbird. This thing is clean as a whistle. Amazing condition for a nearly 50 year old acoustic. No fading, minimal checking. Little fret wear and no gouges on the rosewood fret board. And I still think the split parallelogram inlays look the best. Sound wise it’s like a great square shoulder dreadnought with a bit more growl. A songwriters dream.

Rickenbacker 350SH Susanna Hoffs

1988 Rickenbacker 350SH. No 2 of the limited run of 250 Susanna Hoffs signature guitars made between 1988 and 1989. This thing is immaculate and like the lady herself looks fantastic. Like a Ricky 325 but with a full scale neck it plays as well as it looks. Comes with case, tags and a signed letter from Rickenbacker.

1967 Rickenbacker 366-12

1967 Rickenbacker 366-12 Convertible. Just in and all good to go. Really nice and clean in factory Fireglo. Not many of these were produced between 66 and 68. Very cool piece of 60s Rickenbacker history.

1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG Standard

Gotta love a good SG and they don’t get much better than this one. 1962 Les Paul/SG standard. Very rare ebony block version made as Gibson transitioned from the side pull to the more common maestro trem used throughout the sixties. Still a Les Paul until 63 this one has two PAFS, no cracks breaks or repairs and only minimal fade to the cherry finish.

1976 Fender Jazz Bass

Just in! Super clean and shiny 1976 Fender Jazz bass. One owner from new, 100% straight and sounding fantastic on some LaBella flatwounds. It may be clean but this one has seen its fair share of use, just not in sweaty clubs. So you get the best of both worlds. A lovely clean well cared for instrument with the feel of a bass with years of playing in.

One of the many cool Fender basses in stock right now!

1937 National Tricone Style 35

The National String Instrument Corporation was founded by John Doypera in California on August 16th, 1926. The new company made “resonator” instruments, which used thin aluminium amplifying cones to produce greater volume than conventional acoustic instruments.

Very popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s, National tricone resonators appealed to Hawaiian-style performers and are now highly sought after by collectors, with the Roundneck models being especially rare. Generally tricone resonators have a sweeter, warmer tone compared to their louder, punchy single cone counterparts.

This beautiful example from 1937 is one of only two Roundneck tricones ever produced by National with the “Exploding Palm Tree” engraved decoration. It is brass bodied and fitted with a wooden round neck and ebony fingerboard, finished in a metallic grey prismatic paint. It features a highly figured grey plastic pearl overlay on the headstock with an impressed Art Deco National logo infilled with gilt.

1966 Fender Mustang

1966 Fender Mustang in Dakota Red. One of the last affordable classic Fenders out there. This one’s nice and straight and has all those classic single coil tones on tap. Nicely played in neck and incredibly comfortable to play. It’s easy to forget these were designed as a short scale student model back in the 60s.

1962 Gibson Byrdland N

Just in: a beautiful 1962 blonde Gibson Byrdland. One of only 17 produced in Natural in 1962. This is the Billy Byrd/Hank Garland artist model – the thinline short-scale version of an L-5CES and the upmarket version of the ES-350T. We’ve had a few of these Sixties florentine cutaway Byrdlands through and they always seriously impress. One PAF, one PAT Number pickup, pro-refret and has been nicely played in.