Gibson Custom ’58 Les Paul Standard and ’57 Les Paul Custom

A couple of real beauties in stock. Both Gibson, both Les Pauls and both Custom Shop guitars. On the left is a fantastic 2016 ‘58 Reissue Standard in washed Cherry and on the right is a 3 pickup 2010 ‘57 Reissue Custom. Two killer LPs. The Custom Bucker bridge pickup in the R8 is one of the best sounding pups we’ve heard in a modern guitar and the LPB7 does that magical thing in the middle position with the tone wound back on the bridge pup.

1955 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior

1955 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior. Just in and sounding mean. Single killer P-90, volume, tone, no binding no bs. Just nice lightweight Honduran mahogany with no breaks, TV finish and bags of vibe.
It’ll be a while before its up on the website so send all questions to

1947 Martin D18

1947 Martin D-18. This thing is an acoustic cannon. Old, dry Mahogany and Spruce and a good tall saddle with a great neck angle equals a square shouldered dread that really belts out. It’s balanced. Rings like a bell with loads of headroom it sounds like the dreadnought you always wanted.

1952 Fender Esquire

1952 Fender Esquire. Who needs two pickups anyway? Leo definitely got it right the first time; ash body, maple neck, single pickup and so much attitude. Super comfortable neck, big but not as ridiculous as the modern ’52 necks. 3 very usable sounds with the 3 way switch and god it sounds mean through a Tonebender. Instant Jimmy. Keep an eye on the website for more details soon!

1967 Gibson ES 330 TD

1967 Gibson ES 330 TD. Very cool and pretty unique ES 330/ES 335 hybrid, modded years ago with a great sounding set of period pat. no Gibson humbuckers and the tuners have also been swapped out to a set of double ring Klusons. Someone really wanted a 335. Being fully hollow, it’s lightweight, it’s pretty lively but sounds oh so sweet set up on light Flatwounds.

1963 Gretsch Tennessean.

Lovely guitar in great original condition, including the grey Gretsch case. Rare to old Gretches, no binding rot and a great neck angle. 2 Hi-Lo Tron pickups sound fantastic and a G brand Bigsby brings the shimmer. It partners up perfectly with out 60s Ampeg Reverberocket and its splashy reverb.

1965 Fender Jaguars

Basking in the rare British Summer Sun are our pair of 1965 Fender Jaguars. Both early 65 guitars with non-bound dot fingerboards. One is less faded, very clean and set up on roundwound strings. The other has more edge wear, has lost some of its target burst and is strung with flatwounds. It’s amazing how different they feel and sound for two vintage guitars so close to each other in production. Which would you choose?

Gibson Custom ’57 Les Paul Custom Reissue and Victoria 20112

Potent Pairing No 2.

Neither of these have a great deal of age to them but both are about as Vintage accurate as you can get circa 1957. The tweed amp is a Victoria 20112 5e3 narrow panel tweed deluxe replica. A classic circuit built with Victoria’s renowned attention to detail with the added bonus of a Dr Z Airbrake Lite. All the tones a 5e3 is known for but with the option to reign the volume in a touch. The LP is a 2013 Custom Shop 57 reissue Custom. Gibson made 100 of these to celebrate 20 years of Custom Shop production of the 57 reissue. It has a real ebony board and the Gibson Custom Historic level of build quality. Together these two sing!

1952 & 1954 Gibson Les Pauls

2 early 50s Goldtops just in store, we’ve got a 1952 and 1954. For me these early Les Pauls are the bee’s knees. All the vibe and tone of later examples without the eye watering price tags.

The 52 spent most of its life in Chicago until a few years ago; just imagine the player’s hands it could have gone through. It’s had the Joe Glazer mod to the tailpiece so it plays like a dream; the original is still with the guitar in the original brown case.

The 54 started life as an all gold Les Paul but like a lot of the all gold guitars has had the back and sides stripped and refined, other than that it’s a nice straight guitar with no issues at all.

Both are good weight and sound incredible through any amp you plug into, cleaned up they sound woody, crisp and chimey all the way through to full on sensory overload with the controls maxed!

Which would you choose?


1998 Gibson Custom 59 Les Paul Reissue

Monster Top ‘Good Wood Era’ Gibson Les Paul 59 reissue from 1998. These late nineties Custom Shop guitars are getting highly sought after, much lower production numbers and fantastic timbers make these guitars really shine over the guitars the Gibson Custom Shop is producing today.
The top on this thing is incredible, deep, 3D flame that’s really set of by the Stanley Burst finish.
So clean it looks like it was made yesterday.