1999 Lovetone Cheese Source

Early serial number Lovetone, the first version combining the Big Cheese fuzz and Brown Source overdrive in one pedal. The wide variety of great tones you can get from these has made them more and more sought after by producers, engineers and artists and as such they are starting to fetch crazy prices!

1971 Firemist Gold Telecaster

Extremely rare 1971 Firemist Gold Telecaster. Last year Firemist Gold was offered as a custom colour before the whole tele line got a revamp in 72 with some models getting dropped, others tweaked and some new models introduced. This thing has aged beautifully with the gold turning an even darker shade as the clear lacquer has yellowed. Check out the headstock! The fingerboard is almost ebony black. Were it not for the thick logo you could easily confuse it for a 60/61. A lot of old guitars have had bits and bobs of work done to them over the years, rarely do you get one that you know is just right!

1961 D’Angelico Excel

So to celebrate our 200th Instagram post we thought we should pull out something a bit special. 1961 D’Angelico Excel cutaway in glorious honey blonde.
Original New York John D’Angelico guitars are incredibly rare and are considered to be amongst the finest independently built guitars of the 20th century. Prized by players and collectors alike. The Art Deco styling, pure clarity in tone and level of craftsmanship really set these guitars apart from other manufacturers guitars from this era.
Famous D’Angelico players include jazz guitarists George Benson, Johnny Smith, Barney Kessel and Kenny Burrell.
It’s a true privilege just to play this thing. Without doubt one of the coolest, most amazing guitars we’ve had. Next level. Come check it out in the shop and thanks to everyone who follows our page. There’s more to come!!!

Thanks, Tucker

1961 Fender Precision Bass

Super cool refinished 1961 Precision Bass with jet black slab Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. This bass came into us with an old refin that really didn’t do the instrument justice so we decided to go with a fresh black nitro body-only finish. Black with tortoiseshell has got to be one of the best custom colour combos! Check out the website for the newly adjusted price.

G & L Broadcaster

Just in and not quite on the website. One for all you Leo Fender fans: a G & L Broadcaster. These started production in 1985 with only 800 or so produced with every single one hand-signed by Leo himself at the QC stage. Not only are these a great Telecaster alternative, you get a great piece of Fender history with each guitar.

1961 Epiphone Wilshire

1961 Epiphone Wilshire back in stock after a short hiatus. This thing rips. Killer early 60s Kalamazoo Epiphone. If you like slab and sg specials this ones for you. More desirable 3 a side headstock with two great p90s and its original export case. The position of the neck pickup means that it never gets too woolly. Put it in the middle position and use the volumes to blend.

1971 Fender Stratocaster

Just in! Super cool Hendrix-era 1971 Fender Stratocaster. All the desirable features: last of the four bolt necks, non-bullet trussrod, three original stagger pole greyback pickups and unusually,  a “with synchronized tremolo” two patent number decal.

Great players’ guitar with an old refin that’s reminiscent of yellowed Lake Placid Blue over what looks to be an Olympic White finish.

All the sounds you’d expect from this period Strat without the collector’s price tag!

Gibson Custom U.K. Collection Historic Select 1960 Les Paul

Just in and up on the website is one of the best modern Gibsons we’ve had through. It also has one of the longest names. Gibson Custom U.K. Collection Historic Select 1960 Les Paul.
Being a 60 reissue it has that great slimmer neck profile of a late 60 without being as thin as the early 61 blade necks. The hand aged Sunburst finish looks great and the new Gibson Custom buckers sound incredibly P.A.F like.
This guitar is number 1 of 5 produced and it comes with all the goodies and its COA.
Give us a shout if you need any more info!!

Thanks, Tucker

Pre-War Gibson L-7N

Super sweet early 1940s Gibson L7N. This one is a monster! Spruce top and flamed maple back and sides. This one has my favourite Gibson inlays and is rocking a lovely honeyed blonde finish. Comes with a DeArmond pickup in its original case. It came into us with a sweet little EH-125 amp that is just getting some love but will be out for sale soon.

New in – 1955 Fender Stratocaster

Super cool player’s Stratocaster, please call for details.