Gibson Custom ’58 Les Paul Standard and ’57 Les Paul Custom

A couple of real beauties in stock. Both Gibson, both Les Pauls and both Custom Shop guitars. On the left is a fantastic 2016 ‘58 Reissue Standard in washed Cherry and on the right is a 3 pickup 2010 ‘57 Reissue Custom. Two killer LPs. The Custom Bucker bridge pickup in the R8 is one of the best sounding pups we’ve heard in a modern guitar and the LPB7 does that magical thing in the middle position with the tone wound back on the bridge pup.

Rickenbacker 350SH Susanna Hoffs

1988 Rickenbacker 350SH. No 2 of the limited run of 250 Susanna Hoffs signature guitars made between 1988 and 1989. This thing is immaculate and like the lady herself looks fantastic. Like a Ricky 325 but with a full scale neck it plays as well as it looks. Comes with case, tags and a signed letter from Rickenbacker.

Joe Gore Pedals Now In Stock

Only UK stockists of the Tonefiend’s pedals

1937 National Tricone Style 35

The National String Instrument Corporation was founded by John Doypera in California on August 16th, 1926. The new company made “resonator” instruments, which used thin aluminium amplifying cones to produce greater volume than conventional acoustic instruments.

Very popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s, National tricone resonators appealed to Hawaiian-style performers and are now highly sought after by collectors, with the Roundneck models being especially rare. Generally tricone resonators have a sweeter, warmer tone compared to their louder, punchy single cone counterparts.

This beautiful example from 1937 is one of only two Roundneck tricones ever produced by National with the “Exploding Palm Tree” engraved decoration. It is brass bodied and fitted with a wooden round neck and ebony fingerboard, finished in a metallic grey prismatic paint. It features a highly figured grey plastic pearl overlay on the headstock with an impressed Art Deco National logo infilled with gilt.

1963 Jet Firebird

1963 Jet Firebird, previously owned by PJ Harvey (pictured here). Stunning original guitar, with letter of Authenticity. Just in to our London shop. Call for more info 0207 240 7500.

Super-Rare Sobbat Overdrive and Fuzz pedals from Japan

JUST IN!! Super-Rare Sobbat Overdrive and Fuzz pedals from Japan. Boxed. Mint. Cooler than a beagles bollocks on a January day.

Deep Crunch & Heavy Tone

Looking for a killer high-gain overdrive? Check out the Deep Crunch & Heavy Tone from French company Heptode. Essentially these guys are taking the rhythm and lead tones from a Soldano SLO and putting them into a pedal package with switchable cab-sim. Great sounding pedals. Both retail for £160 and are in stock now!

Now an official dealer of Fredric Effects

We are happy to announce we are now an official dealer for Fredric Effects. Each pedal is lovingly hand-crafted right here in London, England. Check out their site here and be sure to stop by the shop for a demo of these fantastically priced boutique lovelies.

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New shipment just in!